‘Horticulture as a Medical Treatment’ – The Report


As posted on my Winston Churchill Fellowship blog page (www.thetravellinght.wordpress.com), I have recently completed the report on the findings of my horticultural therapy travels to the USA and Canada. It has been published on the WCMT website and is free to read and download from: http://goo.gl/NroUSc


One thought on “‘Horticulture as a Medical Treatment’ – The Report

  1. Thank you for your hard work researching and writing this report. It is a good read, and an interesting overview of selected programs. Biostatistics and outcomes measures are difficult, not only in horticultural therapy, but in measuring many medical conditions and treatment outcomes that affect quality of life.

    One important overarching concern among gardeners with an increasing inclusion of any medical approach is the possibility of losing the character of an activity’s indigenous benefit. Whether it is hiking, gardening, public speaking or any number of specifically tailored activities, where the nature of the activity itself provides benefit. We attempt to safely guide others into a therapeutic collaboration for their benefit.

    Your report is helpful toward opening further discussion, focusing public attention and highlighting the case for funding. Many thanks to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, as well. — The Healing Garden gardener

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