Sheffield Botanical Gardens

On Friday morning (21st) I made the short trip down the M1 to Sheffield Botanical Garden. It was my first visit, I have no idea why, but it wont be my last.


It was brought back to life thanks to a Heritage Lottery grant and great work from the Friends of Sheffield Botanical Gardens, which was founded in 1983. A major part of this restoration was the Joseph Paxton Pavilion, a long glasshouse depicting different climates around the World, such as New Zealand, South Africa, Central America and the Mediterranean.

The garden was designed in Victorian style and the bedding schemes demonstrate the style at the time. A display of vivid colours from the newly brought in plants from around the World. I do concede they may not be to everyone’s taste, in fact, the colour clashes cause me some discomfort.

In the middle of the garden, is the rock and water garden, which takes a little bit of finding, which is part of it’s charm. It feels a million miles from anywhere and is well planted and a good respite. Worth spending the time looking for it.

I was particularly taken by this pair of eucalyptus trees. The white one is a real gem. I need to find out the variety.IMG_1340

The gardens are easy to find, are FREE to enter and you can park on the road outside for free after 9:30. No excuses!

Sheffield Botanical Gardens website:

The friends of group is on twitter and volunteer on a Wednesday mornings. @FOBSheffield

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