About This Blog

For the past few years I have been scouring the internet for features, articles, blogs and research on horticultural therapy to help myself and others. Then it dawned on me that I should try and share this information and links all from one place, so here it is, hopefully!

I am trying to update the pages as regularly as possible with information and links, however I still have loads of stuff which has not yet made to here. It will, I promise, as and when that occurs I can not make any promises.


3 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. In the Healing Garden healing occurs in the fullness of time. Thank you for the wonderful information you have gathered here. It is the wonder of what was called in the state of Montana, almost 50 years ago in a pilot internet community development program, “The Big Sky Telegraph.”

    Thank you for your healing use of “The Big Sky Telegraph” for the outreach and dissemination of information about healing gardens. — The Healing Garden gardener

  2. Hello, you are brilliant, I’m so glad I’ve come across your blog and makes for really interesting reading! I would really love to have a chat with you as I am coming towards the end of my professional diploma in STH through coventry university and have been asked by the charity Mind to set up and project manage a horticultural project, would really love to chat with you about your experience and any advice you can give me would be so useful!

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