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I decided, after accumulating quite a lot of links from media sources that it made sense to have it’s own links page.


Gardening Leave – Article from the Guardian newspaper in England about the growing trend of gardening leave in the UK.

If You Can See A Tree You’re Likely To Be Happier – Another Guardian newspaper article about the link between happiness, deprivation and access to green space.

North America

Dallas Arboretum Gardening-As-Therapy – Article, containing some great pictures, from the on-line section of the Dallas News.

Complementing Life at St. Joseph’s Health Centre – Article from Canada’s on-line magazine Hospital News.

Gardening with Special Needs: The Benefits of Horticultural Therapy – Published by Michigan State University.

Gardens of Mercy: Baltimore Hospital’s Green Roof.

A Plan for America’s Largest Urban Park – An article about plans to create an urban park in Chicago, Illinois. Also has some information about other urban parks around USA and the benefits of such developments.

New Detroit Farm Plan Taking Root – From the Wall Street Journal taking a look at the Urban Farm projects in deprived areas of Detroit, MI, focussing on financier John Hantz’s proposed Hantz Farm project across the city.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Horticultural Therapy – Article including quotes from horticultural therapists with links to the University of Minnesota.

A Root to Recovery. Interesting article by Tamzin Baker about horticultural therapy , it’s history and some examples across the globe. Includes some excellent pictures too.


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