Research Links

A collection on-line web links of research carried out on horticultural therapy, healing gardens, green care and green space.

Everything filed here aims to be links that focus on the research and evidence base for the benefits of horticultural therapy. They may not always be academically based, it may include articles from various media.

Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

Carina Tenngart Ivarsson and Patrik Grahn (2010) ‘Patients’ experiences and use of a therapeutic garden: from a designer’s perspective’ – A look at the therapy garden at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp.

Midori Yasukawa (2009) ‘Horticultural Therapy for the Cognitive Functioning of Elderly People with Dementia’ in ’International Handbook of Occupational Therapy Interventions’ edited by Ingrid Söderback’l%20handbk%20OT.pdf

Ulrika A. Stigsdotter and Patrik Grahn (2003) ‘Experiencing a Garden: A Healing Garden for People Suffering from Burnout Diseases’

Randy Eady (2010) ‘Creating Therapeutic Garden Landscapes’

Horticultural Therapy & WNF&GA: A Brief History – History of HT in America.

Herbert S. Plankinton (1973) ‘Horticulture as a Work Program for Therapy’ – A scan of an old piece of work from a student of the University of Delaware. A useful historical perspective on horticultural therapy.

Jennifer Campbell Bradley & Sonja M. Skelly (1997) ‘Children and Gardening – Implications for the Future”.

Healing Gardens in Hospitals

Dejana Nedučin, Milena Krklješ and Nađa Kurtović-Folić (2010)‘Hospital Outdoor Spaces – Therapeutic Benefits and Design Considerations’

Clare Cooper Marcus (2007) ‘Healing Gardens in Hospitals’

Roger S. Ulrich (2002) ‘Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals’

Roger Ulrich (2004) ‘The Role of the Physical Environment in the Hospital of the 21st Century: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity’

Brock J. Anderson (2011) ‘An Exploration on the Potential Benefits of Healing Gardens on Veterans with PTSD’ – Masters thesis from a student of Utah State University.

Benefits of Landscapes and Green Spaces

Green Exercise – Excellent site by Essex University explaining their reserach programmes on the benefits of various types of green care. A wealth of information:

Anna A. Adevi (2011) ‘Attachment to Certain Natural Environments: A Basis for Choice of Recreational Settings, Activities and Restoration from Stress?’ – Study carried out in Sweden which suggests that as children we develop and intrinsic bond to nature which affects our future choices in life.

Stephen Kaplan (1995) ‘The Restorative Benefits of Nature: Toward an Intergrative Framework’ Journal of Environmental Psychology.

UK Forestry Commission – Government documnent called ‘Greenspace design for health and well-being’$FILE/FCPG019.pdf

Velarde, G. Fry and M. Tveit (2007) ‘Health effects of viewing landscapes – Landscape types in environmental psychology’…_2__bs.pdf

Tina Prow (1999) ‘The Power of Trees’ on the University of Illinois website.


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