Winston Churchill and Horticultural Therapy

I am delighted and somewhat humbled to announce that I have been awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to research and experience horticultural therapy practices in North America.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust funds people to travel and visit places carrying out best practice in their professional field. The Trust started after the death of Winston Churchill and people have been travelling under the Trust since the 1960’s. At present the Trust offers 125 fellowships each year.

This is generally the main reason things have gone a little quite on this blog recently as I have been organising flights, accommodation and visits.

In order to raise the profile of the Winston Churchill Trust and not to hijack this one I have set up a separate blog which will document my thoughts, feelings and findings as I progress throughout the project. This blog can be found here:

More information on the Churchill Trust can be found here: I fully recommend looking at the website and considering an application. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, very supportive and understanding throughout.


NPO Showcase – Michigan Horticultural Therapy Association

A video from American local TV station NPO doing an interview with horticultural therapist Betsy Brown.

Focus on Detroit Urban Farms

Interesting piece on the Detroit Urban farms projects from the Wall Street Journal, including an interactive map and video.

The article mainly focusses on financier John Hantz’s plan to create a large scale urban farm alongside the community farms in the deprived areas of Michigan’s famous Motor City.

There is lots of information out there on the urban farm projects in Detroit. Their aims are to promote community togetherness, put waste land to good use and provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the most needy.

As and when I find more information about these projects I will post it, as well as adding it to the ‘links’ page.