What is Horticultural Therapy?

This page is still work progress, so by no means a definitive guide (well, not yet).

The benefits of horticulture have been around since the ancient Egyptians but only really since the 1950’s in America did horticulture really start to be considered of medical benefit. For some further information on the history see here: USA HT History

The beauty of horticulture lies in its adaptability. It is a form of therapy which everyone can benefit from regardless of age or disability. The same activities can be adapted to promote group skills, improve standing weight baring and develop fine motor skills to name just a few.

Thrive, the premier horticultural therapy Charity in the UK, has done a lot of great work to increase the profile of HT in the UK and increase it’s professional recognition through recognised training courses and regular publications.


2 thoughts on “What is Horticultural Therapy?

  1. Hi Richard, your blog is really interesting. I was wondering if you had an email as I’d like to ask you a few questions, I’m really interested in pursuing Horticultural therapy as a career but I’m unsure about a few things!

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