Here is a list of books available which relate to horticultural therapy. When I say “available” don’t necessarily take that literally as some of the older ones are pretty hard to come across if you live in the UK.

Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Publications

Gardening is for everyone
Cloet and Underhill 1982
The Guernsey Press Co Ltd
ISBN 0285649531

Horticulture as Therapy: Principles and Practice
Simson, Straus
CRC Press
ISBN 978 1 56022 279 8

Horticultural Therapy Methods
Haller and Kramer
The Haworth press
ISBN 156022326x

Children’s Gardening
Horticultural Therapy
Wincanton Print Company
ISBN 0 9521074 0 6

Research publications

Social and Therapeutic horticulture: Evidence and messages from Research
Sempik, Aldridge and Becker
Loughborough University, Department of Social Sciences 2003
ISBN 978 0907274292

A practice guide to promoting social inclusion through gardening and horticulture
Sempik, Aldridge and Becker
Policy Press 2005
ISBN 978-1861347268

Health, well-being and social inclusion: Therapeutic horticulture in the UK
Sempik, Aldridge and Becker
Policy Press 2009

Horticulture in secure settings: A study of horticultural activities in prisons and secure psychiatric facilities
Thrive 2003
ISBN 978-1861347-251

Theory and concept Publications

Green nature Human nature
Charles A Lewis
University of Illinois press
ISBN 025 2022130

Edward O Wilson
Harvard university press
ISBN 067 40744 24

The Healing Fields
Linden and Grut
Frances Lincoln Limited
ISBN 071 12202 71

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