Website Links

UK Links:

Thrive – The leading body on horticultural therapy in the UK and who run (in conjunction with Coventry University) the Professional Development Diploma (DPD) in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture. You can become a member of Thrive for £30 annually which includes the quarterly Thrive publication ‘Growth Point’.

Coventry University – In collaboration with Thrive operate the DPD in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture. More information about the course can be found here:

Carry On Gardening – Operated by Thrive to help people to continue to garden after life changing events.

Association of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Practitioners (ASTHP) – Relatively new group in England aiming to create a voluntary registration body and increase the profile of social and therapeutic horticulture in England and Wales.

Trellis, Scotland – Promoting health though horticulture north of the border.

Bridewell Organic Garden – Therapeutic garden for people suffering from mental illness in Oxfordshire.

The Conservation Volunteers – Previously known as ‘British Trust for Conservation Volunteers’ (BTCV). They also run the ‘Green Gym’ projects –

Green Exercise – Excellent site by Essex University explaining their research programmes on the benefits of various types of green care. A wealth of information:

North American Links:

American Horticultural Therapy Association – America’s professional registering body for horticultural therapists.Their website offers a wealth of information about horticultural therapy in the USA.

Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association – Canada’s professional registering body for horticultural therapists.

Horticultural Therapy Institute – At the non-profit Horticultural Therapy Institute, students gain the skills and confidence to create and manage successful horticultural therapy programs, and are inspired to become leaders in the practice and profession of horticultural therapy.

Garden Forever – “Gardening for people of all ages, abilities and lifestyles. If I could have but one wish it would be to garden forever”. A brilliant resource helping and inspiring people to ‘garden forever’. Advice on disability, kids and AIDS awareness gardens amongst an array of other information

Horticulture Therapy: Using Flowers and Plants To Help Autistic Children – Online article but has lots of fantastic links at the bottom of the page.

GreenNet: Chicago’s Green Network – An excellent website explaining the community gardens across the whole of Chicago.

Tia D. Jones – Horticulture Therapy – Brief information plus lots of great links.

Horticulture Therapy – John Filipski – Nice piece about horticulture therapy on the garden forever website. The rest of the website it is great resource too.

Mark Sisson Website – Mark appears to focus on various ways to improve your health. His website includes and interesting article on why gardening is good for your health. Also includes some interesting links.

Hiking Research – Extremely in-depth blog/website focussing on the restorative power of hiking. One day, I want my blog to look and be as thorough as this one.


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